An Introduction to the Zigbee Gateway

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Zigbee gateway is a remote innovation designed as an open worldwide market availability standard to satisfy the unique requirements of low-cost, low-power remote IoT information businesses.

An Introduction to the Zigbee Gateway

The Zigbee connection standard is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical board radio specification and operates in unlicensed radio frequencies such as 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz, and 868 MHz.

Building Automation

An EnOcean binding, which acts as a bridge between the Zigbee Gateway and the EnOcean ecosystem, was pre-installed on Dusun’s Zigbee Gateway.

This binding accepts data from end devices and control actuators. It employs wireless technologies to regulate energy use and increase building energy efficiency.

Elegant Apartment

As the popularity of intelligent metering devices develops, the capabilities of Zigbee gateways, which can send information from smart devices to the cloud and measure water and power consumption in companies, apartments, and other homes, can benefit utility providers.

Property firms may then charge consumers depending on how much water and electricity they use, as well as the time of day, or they can reward businesses and houses who use fewer resources.

Household Energy Efficiency

Customers may utilize the Dusun Pi series to better monitor their energy use and save money.

By adding the custom module to the Dusun Pi series running Home Assistant, any energy monitoring gear that is compatible with the gateway may be used to gather data.

The Dusun Pi series can upload data to the cloud through Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee3.0 endpoints.

Users may use it to build strong automation and receive important insights into their energy consumption.

Zigbee Wireless Applications

Zigbee enables the deployment of large-scale wireless networks in waves by using low-cost, low-power technologies.

It enables a wide range of monitoring and control applications to run for years on low-cost batteries.

Smart energy/smart grid, AMR (automatic meter reading), lighting controls, building automation systems, tank monitoring, HVAC control, medical devices, dbm radio, ghz wireless protocols, wireless sensor networks, and fleet applications are just a few of the many areas where Zigbee technology is making significant strides.


  • A comprehensive selection of smart gadgets for your consideration, including smart hubs, smart locks, sensors, and detectors.
  • Support for both hardware and software that provides value
  • Use our app or get help integrating it with your cloud.
  • Capable of connecting to third-party platforms such as Azure, Tuya, Ayla, Homekit, AWS, Google, and so on.
  • Manufacturing as a service, from prototype to large production.
  • Features that have been tailored to market trends.
  • ROHS, UL, CE, FCC, ETL, PTCRB, and KC certification services are available.
  • Manufacturing, energy saving, building automation, and remote patient monitoring are all common applications.


The bulk of smart gateways are typical for direct market usage, however varied sectors and conditions necessitate multiple specialized applications.

As a consequence, Dusun created sufficiently open programmable smart gateways, and we enabled integration with the vast majority of clouds and platforms.

As a result, IoT solution providers may construct customized apps fast and simply.

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