How to Use Apple Pay at Walmart 2023

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The growing popularity of mobile payment solutions

Apple pay mobile payment solutions have revolutionized the way we make transactions.

As consumers increasingly seek convenience and efficiency, the popularity of mobile payment methods has soared.

does walmart take apple pay

Among these solutions, Apple Pay has emerged as a leading player, offering a secure and seamless payment experience.

Walmart, the retail giant, has recognized the benefits of embracing this technology, making it easier for customers to shop and pay for their purchases.

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Apple Pay:

Apple Pay and its benefits

Apple Pay, developed by tech giant Apple, is a mobile payment and digital wallet service. It enables users to make contactless payments securely using their iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, or Macs.

With Apple Pay, customers can store their credit or debit card information on their devices, eliminating the need to carry physical cards.

This digital wallet solution not only offers convenience but also enhances security by utilizing tokenization and biometric authentication.

How Apple Pay works for seamless transactions

Apple Pay leverages near field communication (NFC) technology to enable contactless transactions.

By holding their devices near an NFC-enabled payment terminal, users can authorize the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.

The transaction is completed without the need to swipe or insert a card, ensuring a quick and effortless checkout experience.

This seamless integration between Apple devices and payment terminals has made Apple Pay a preferred choice for many consumers.

Walmart's Acceptance of Apple Pay:

Exploring Walmart's decision to adopt Apple Pay

Recognizing the growing demand for mobile payment solutions, Walmart made a strategic decision to adopt Apple Pay.

By embracing this technology, Walmart aims to enhance the shopping experience for its customers and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

This move also aligns with Walmart's commitment to providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience across its stores.

Customers and the company

Walmart's acceptance of Apple Pay brings numerous benefits to both customers and the company. For customers, it means a faster and more secure payment method that eliminates the need for physical cards.

By leveraging Apple Pay, customers can enjoy the convenience of leaving their wallets behind and completing transactions with just a few taps.

Additionally, Walmart's adoption of Apple Pay contributes to the company's reputation as a forward-thinking retailer that prioritizes customer satisfaction and embraces technological advancements.

Apple Pay at Walmart:

Step-by-step guide on how to use Apple Pay at Walmart

To use Apple Pay at Walmart, follow these simple steps:

  1. Setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch:

    • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
    • Tap on the "+" button to add a new card.
    • Follow the prompts to add your credit or debit card details.
    • Verify your card through the verification process provided by your card issuer.
  2. Making a payment at Walmart:

    • Look for the contactless payment symbol at the Walmart checkout.
    • Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal.
    • Authenticate the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.

Walmart Scanner App:

Walmart Scanner App and its features

Walmart's commitment to enhancing the shopping experience extends beyond accepting Apple Pay.

The Walmart Scanner App is another innovative tool that integrates seamlessly with Apple Pay, further streamlining the shopping process.

This app allows customers to scan items as they shop, eliminating the need for physical carts and checkout lines.

By combining the Walmart Scanner App with Apple Pay, customers can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient shopping experience.

How the app integrates with Apple Pay for a streamlined shopping experience

The Walmart Scanner App integrates with Apple Pay to simplify the checkout process. Once customers have scanned their desired items using the app, they can proceed to pay with Apple Pay directly from their devices.

This integration eliminates the need to transfer items to a traditional checkout register, providing a seamless transition from shopping to payment.

Walmart's In-Store Apple Pay Support:

Identifying Walmart locations that accept Apple Pay

Walmart has worked diligently to ensure that Apple Pay is widely accepted across its store locations.

To identify if a specific Walmart store accepts Apple Pay, look for the Apple Pay logo or the contactless payment symbol displayed at the payment terminals.

The majority of Walmart stores have embraced Apple Pay, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of this convenient payment method.

Finding Apple Pay-supported departments within Walmart stores

While Walmart as a whole accepts Apple Pay, it's important to note that certain departments within the stores may have specific requirements or limitations for using Apple Pay.

For instance, if you're shopping at a Walmart with a pharmacy or automotive department, it's advisable to check with a store associate to ensure that Apple Pay is accepted in those areas.

Walmart's Scan & Go Experience:

Walmart's Scan & Go feature and its convenience

Walmart's Scan & Go feature is designed to enhance the shopping experience by empowering customers to scan items as they shop and pay using their mobile devices.

With Apple Pay, this feature becomes even more convenient, as customers can seamlessly check out and complete their purchase using their iPhones or Apple Watches.

By integrating Apple Pay with Scan & Go, Walmart eliminates the need for traditional checkout lines and offers a faster, more streamlined shopping experience.

Integrating Apple Pay for seamless checkout

To utilize Apple Pay with Walmart's Scan & Go feature, customers can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Walmart app and select the Scan & Go option.
  2. Scan the barcodes of the items you wish to purchase.
  3. Review the items in your digital shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  4. Select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  5. Complete the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple Pay vs. Walmart Pay:

Apple Pay and Walmart Pay

Apple Pay and Walmart Pay are both popular mobile payment options; however, there are notable differences between the two.

While Apple Pay is a widely accepted mobile payment system that can be used at various retailers, Walmart Pay is specific to Walmart stores.

Apple Pay offers seamless integration with various Apple devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches, whereas Walmart Pay is limited to the Walmart app.

Choosing the right mobile payment option depends on your preferences and the stores you frequently shop at.

Choosing the right mobile payment option for your needs

When deciding between Apple Pay and Walmart Pay, consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Apple Pay is accepted at numerous retailers, while Walmart Pay is exclusive to Walmart stores.
  • Device integration: Apple Pay seamlessly integrates with various Apple devices, whereas Walmart Pay is limited to the Walmart app.
  • Loyalty programs: Walmart Pay allows you to link your Walmart Rewards Card and access exclusive offers, while Apple Pay offers broader support for loyalty programs.
  • Personal preference: Consider your preferred mobile device and the stores you frequently visit to determine which mobile payment option best suits your needs.

Apple Pay for iPhone and iPad Purchases at Walmart:

Availability of iPhones and iPads at Walmart

Walmart offers a wide range of electronic products, including iPhones and iPads. Customers can find the latest models and select the one that meets their requirements.

With Apple Pay, purchasing iPhones and iPads at Walmart becomes even more convenient and secure.

Using Apple Pay to purchase Apple devices

To purchase an iPhone or iPad at Walmart using Apple Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the desired iPhone or iPad at a Walmart store.
  2. Proceed to the checkout and select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  3. Authenticate the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.
  4. Complete the transaction, and enjoy your new Apple device.

Apple Pay and Affirm: Financing Options at Walmart:

Affirm's partnership with Walmart and Apple Pay

Walmart has partnered with Affirm, a leading online lender, to provide customers with flexible financing options when making purchases.

This partnership allows customers to use Apple Pay in conjunction with Affirm to finance their Walmart purchases conveniently.

Applying for financing through

To apply for financing through Affirm for Walmart purchases, including those made with Apple Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Provide the necessary information to complete the financing application.
  3. If approved, select the desired financing option during the checkout process when using Apple Pay.
  4. Complete the purchase using Apple Pay and enjoy the flexibility of financing your Walmart purchase through Affirm.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay at Walmart:

Common issues with receiving Apple Pay payments at Walmart

While Apple Pay generally provides a smooth payment experience, there may be occasional issues that customers encounter.

Some common problems include:

  • Connectivity issues: Ensure that your device has a stable internet connection for the payment to go through.
  • Card verification: Verify that your credit or debit card is properly linked and authenticated within your Apple Pay wallet.
  • Outdated devices or software: Check that your device and Apple Pay software are up to date to avoid compatibility issues.

Troubleshooting tips and solutions

If you encounter any issues with Apple Pay at Walmart, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart your device and ensure that it has a stable internet connection.
  • Verify that your payment card is valid and properly added to your Apple Pay wallet.
  • Update your device and Apple Pay software to the latest version available.
  • Contact Apple Support or Walmart customer service for further assistance if the issue persists.

Cash Services at Walmart:

Cash services at Walmart, including check cashing

In addition to mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Walmart offers various cash services to cater to customers' diverse needs.

These services include check cashing, money transfers, bill payments, and money orders.

With convenient hours and accessible locations, Walmart has become a go-to destination for customers seeking cash-related services.

Availability and limitations for cash transactions

Walmart's cash services are typically available at all store locations during regular operating hours.

However, it's important to note that certain cash services may have limitations, such as specific requirements for check cashing or transaction fees for money orders.

Checking Walmart's official website or contacting a store associate can provide detailed information on the availability and limitations of cash services at specific locations.

Apple Pay Compatibility at Other Retailers:

Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay's widespread acceptance extends beyond Walmart. Numerous retailers across various industries have embraced this mobile payment solution.

Some of the prominent national and international retailers that accept Apple Pay include Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, McDonald's, Starbucks.

Usage of Apple Pay beyond Walmart

If you're looking to expand your usage of Apple Pay beyond Walmart, you'll be pleased to know that many other stores and establishments accept this popular mobile payment option.

Some notable examples include:

  1. Walgreens: A leading pharmacy and convenience store chain that accepts Apple Pay for seamless transactions.

  2. Target: A major retail corporation that has embraced Apple Pay, allowing customers to enjoy a convenient and secure payment experience.

  3. Best Buy: A renowned electronics retailer where you can use Apple Pay to purchase the latest gadgets and devices.

  4. McDonald's: The world's largest fast-food chain, where Apple Pay is accepted to make your mealtime transactions faster and more convenient.

  5. Starbucks: The global coffeehouse chain that offers the convenience of Apple Pay for your caffeine fix.

These are just a few examples, and the list continues to grow as more retailers recognize the benefits of integrating Apple Pay into their payment systems.

As you explore other establishments, keep an eye out for the Apple Pay logo or the contactless payment symbol to identify where this mobile payment option is accepted.

Mobile Payments at Walmart:

Mobile payment technologies at Walmart

As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, the future of mobile payment technologies at Walmart holds exciting possibilities.

Here are some predictions for what we may expect:

  1. Enhanced integration: Walmart is likely to continue exploring ways to enhance the integration of mobile payment technologies, such as Apple Pay, to create a more seamless and frictionless shopping experience.

  2. Expanded digital wallet options: In addition to Apple Pay, Walmart may consider integrating other popular digital wallet options to provide customers with a wider range of choices.

  3. Loyalty program integration: Walmart could further integrate its existing loyalty program with mobile payment technologies, allowing customers to earn rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits through platforms like Apple Pay.

  4. Increased security measures: As mobile payment technologies evolve, Walmart will likely prioritize implementing robust security measures to protect customer information and ensure secure transactions.

Customer experience

Walmart is known for its commitment to enhancing the customer experience, and mobile payment technologies play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We can anticipate ongoing innovations aimed at streamlining the shopping process, reducing wait times, and providing customers with personalized offers and recommendations based on their purchase history.


Recap of the key points discussed in the article

In this comprehensive guide, we explored the growing popularity of mobile payment solutions and Walmart's role in embracing Apple Pay.

We gained an understanding of how Apple Pay works, its benefits, and Walmart's decision to accept this innovative payment method.

We provided a step-by-step guide on using Apple Pay at Walmart, discussed the integration with the Walmart Scanner App and Scan & Go feature, and compared Apple Pay to Walmart Pay.

We also discussed leveraging Apple Pay for purchasing iPhones and iPads at Walmart, financing options through Affirm, troubleshooting tips, and cash services available at Walmart.

Additionally, we highlighted other retailers accepting Apple Pay, and shared predictions and possibilities for the future of mobile payments at Walmart.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Walmart

Using Apple Pay at Walmart offers a range of benefits for customers. It provides a seamless and secure payment experience, eliminates the need to carry physical cards, and streamlines the checkout process.

With features like the Walmart Scanner App and Scan & Go, customers can enjoy a convenient and time-saving shopping experience.

Furthermore, Walmart's acceptance of Apple Pay demonstrates its commitment to embracing technological advancements and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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