The New Cisco Certification Path in 2023: A Roadmap

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The CCNA course is a prominent computer network certification given by Cisco Systems.

Candidates gain from learning about technological areas such as networking, security, and automation.


Employees must have the necessary certification because 99% of employers use it to determine who to hire.

IT services are critical to the smooth functioning of big enterprises globally; CCNA professionals’ technical competence ensures that network components such as routers, switches, and firewalls function properly.

As a result, the CCIE certifications roadmap can help people learn about network systems in the IT business.

Roadmap For CCNA


The key topics covered are network fundamentals, network access, IP connection, IP services, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.
NetCom Learning, a Cisco-affiliated training partner, provides self-paced (e-Learning) and instructor-led instruction for this exam.
Army Credentialing Assistance recognizes NetCom Learning’s CCNA certification (CA).

Sign up for an exam and schedule it.

When you’re ready, book your exam at Pearson Vue.

CCNA 200-301 Exam

Except for the CCIE lab examinations, Pearson VUE administers all Cisco assessments.
Pearson VUE offers two payment options for exams:
Users of the Pearson VUE registration system can register with a credit card or purchase an exam voucher using Cisco Learning Credits to prepay for the test.

Examine Attendance

120 minutes

Procedures for Examining

Proctored tests can be taken in a testing center, at home or in an office, or online.


825 out of 1000 (82%) pass rate
Time frame: three years
Recertify it before it expires.

Other Information

Exam Arrangement

Knowing what to expect in order to prepare for the exam is critical.
The CCNA exam is often administered in one of the following forms, each somewhat different from the previous.
ICDN1 – This test takes 90 minutes to complete and consists of 40 to 50 questions.
ICDN2 – This test comprises 40 to 50 questions and takes 75 to 90 minutes to complete.
The combined CCNA exam is 90 minutes long and contains 45 to 55 questions.
The examinations assess a person’s ability to set up, configure, and troubleshoot network systems.
The certification is valid for three years after the exams are passed with an 80% or better result.

What Happens If Someone Fails on Their First Attempt?

As with any other certification test, not everyone will pass on the first try.
According to statistics, it usually takes three attempts to pass the exam.
The number of times a person can take the test is unlimited.
As a result, it is critical to practice with a trustworthy partner such as Simplilearn.
The cost of the test should also be considered.
Because each exam costs over $300, some people may require assistance in taking it more than once.

How Will the CCNA Certification Help Your Career?

The CCNA is regarded as one of the most prestigious certificates in the business.
It may open up new avenues for job progress and financial benefit.
According to statistics, obtaining a CCNA certification generally results in a 20% pay increase.

Following Exam Requirement

The CCNA exams demand preparation and perseverance, but the rewards are well worth it.
First and foremost, one should be happy to be a member of the Cisco Certified Network.
Professional certification is the only way to set yourself apart from the competition and have your CV recognized.
Visit the SPOTO website for additional information about the new CCNA.

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