Three Reasons Why You Might Need Two Separate Phone Numbers

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If you’re like many business people, having your company’s cell phone on you when you’re ‘off the clock’ is something you dread.

How many times have you gone out to dinner with your wife when the phone fastened to your belt begins to ring incessantly?

Three Reasons Why You Might Need Two Separate Phone Numbers

It’s not your wife since she’s sat across from you, and it’s not the kids because they’d be calling your wife!

So you can reasonably presume it’s the job, but you’re on your own time and expense.

This is where having a second phone number comes in handy, and if you want our opinion, having two phones is preferable. This is why.

Separation between business and personal lives

As seen above, keeping your personal and professional lives distinct might be difficult, thus a second phone number would be beneficial.

While you may give each phone number its unique ringtone, the continuous calls might drive you insane.

Also, in most circumstances, you’d need a phone with two sim cards, which wouldn’t be as convenient as having one phone you can leave behind.

You should also examine the advantages of having two networks to compensate for dead patches when traveling.

Yes, if you actually wanted to take personal calls, you could definitely set one phone number to quiet ring and another to your own ringtone.

But isn’t it defeating the idea of having some privacy on your date night with the wife?

Don’t tell us you wouldn’t be tempted to check your phone throughout dinner to see whether you’ve missed any key client calls, for example.

If you’re so worried, leave the second phone in the car’s glove box.

When the valet takes your car up for you, you may just search for missed calls!

Keep your personal phone on you (thus the name) and your business phone in the office (did we just say that?).

Two Phones for Extra Protection

Keep in mind that if one sim card is compromised, both accounts can be compromised at the same time if you use a single phone with two sim (network) cards.

Consider your work sim being compromised, disclosing all of your personal financial information and vice versa.

It truly pays to have two distinct phones for this reason. And, if you know how to shop for unlocked phones, that second phone might be a pretty decent one at a substantially reduced price.

Then, you may purchase a low-cost monthly plan for your personal phone, which you don’t use very frequently anyhow, while keeping your office phone for work-related calls.

Online Shopping And Bill Payments Are Now More Secure

Again, it’s all about data breaches, and if you often make online purchases or pay bills using an ACH payment option, you wouldn’t want your business and client information compromised if a hacker obtained your personal phone number.

It cannot be overstated how critical it is to maintain professional and personal phone numbers distinct so that both are not compromised if just one number is compromised.

As previously said, two separate phones might provide you with two distinct networks, allowing you to avoid dead zones while also interfering with a hacker’s nefarious plot!

Two phones, each with its own number, ideally from different providers, but at the absolute least two numbers.

Anything otherwise would be denying yourself a private life, or leaving your business vulnerable to hacking. Both are unacceptable, so acquire that second phone.

You’ll be glad you did. Now that we’ve sorted that, return to dinner, where your wife is eagerly waiting for you to return to the conversation.


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